10 Jan 2011

Claro plenoque
Postremo princeps civitatis est Augustus fortissimus...
Payrolling subject to the collective labour agreement of the Swiss mechanical and electrical industry

We establish motivating working conditions for employees and provide businesses with contemporary and flexible solutions. Payrolling by BridgeBlue offers the following benefits:
  • permanent contracts for employees at BridgeBlue, thus no expensive temporary contracts
  • a pool of highly skilled and carefully recruited experts and managers
  • focus on one industry
  • full membership ASM (collective labour agreement)
  • notably better social benefits compared with the temporary sector
  • flexibility with regard to the terms of additional contractual fringe benefits
  • long-term commitment of (temporary) employees to the business
  • efficient and proven procedures

With this plan candidates get more security, are held in better esteem and have better development potential.
Contact us so that we can present you with the ideal solution for your business.