10 Jan 2011

Claro plenoque
Postremo princeps civitatis est Augustus fortissimus...
Are you looking for a new challenge in the mechanical and electrical industry as an interim manager on a try-and-hire basis or as a manager on a traditional employment contract? Would you like a permanent position and want to work for a renowned company in the German-speaking part of Switzerland? Are you considering a framework in which you could try out a career move but still maintain your flexibility? Or would you like a circumspect career assessment that would help you to define what is desirable and what is possible, so that your next career move is a realistic one?

If you can answer at least one of these questions with a „yes“, and you
  • are working or have worked as an engineer in electrical or mechanical engineering,
  • have worked in plant construction, F & E, R & D, project management, process management, in industrial automation or in a similar field,
  • have know-how in industrial engineering, energy supply, renewable energies and the environment, semiconductors, metal processing, etc.
  • are an expert in any of the above or related fields,
then it is high time we met! Please contact us right away so that we can work on your future together!